Why We Protest by Latasha S Pride- An Easy To Read Kids Book on Racism

You will find many kids’ books on racism. However, the best ones are those with vibrant pictures. Picture books help kids comprehend matters that would otherwise be complex to explain. Here is a delightful book for kids titled Why We Protest by Latasha S Pride. The book revolves around understanding Black Lives Matter and the protests in the wake of it.

What’s the Story About?

“I stood quietly thinking about these protests happening everywhere and did not understand why….” – Why We Protest, Latasha Pride

Aren’t these the thoughts that kids often ponder over? Why are there protests? What do they mean to the lives involved? Answering these very crucial questions is the book by Latasha S Pride. Why We Protest is a simple-to-read colorful picture book. It is a radiant story between a young girl and her mother.

Nia is the little girl in the book who seeks answers to many questions in her mind. Her mom takes her along one day to a protest on the streets. After witnessing the crowd and being a part of it, little Nia asks her parents all about it. Answering them requires patience. How do her parents deal with it? Do they provide satisfactory answers to please Nia’s curious mind? Why We Protest attempts to explain it all in the simplest way. The book is a visual delight for every parent and child. It tackles the sensitive and complex issue of racism and discrimination that plagues the world.

How Good Is the Book?

Why We Protest is an accessible book that gives kids a chance to understand racism from a fresh perspective. It connects the dots between the protests and the true meaning of Black Lives Matter. It provides context for historical as well as current events. The language is lucid and easy for a child to understand. It also serves as a perfect book for parent-child read along. It imparts the message without complicating it with difficult jargon. Much as the book may seem to be a tad short, yet at 26 pages it has the capacity to make a child understand the depth of the protests. It has bold illustrations and thoughtful text to teach kids the ways to build a more equitable world.

Talk to Your Kids

Families need to talk to children about matters that concern racism and ethnicity. What does ‘Black Lives Matter’ mean? What does it mean to protest? Talk to your kids with the aid of the pictures in this book. It will contribute to their understanding of the people and the events involved.

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